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Collaborazioni professionali

In order to face the growing complexity of the local and international contests, where the contemporary economic competition is present, highly qualified and cooperative professional specialists are needed.

Our philosophy is to give strategic importance to many professional partnerships. Over the years they have been very useful for our clients, as they could benefit from their highly qualified advisory services for every problem, getting great satisfaction.

Our continuous professional partnerships are the following:

Avv. Maria Antonietta Izzo
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Dr. Luca Ghezzi
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Law Firm Lawyer Annamaria
Bernardini De Pace

Via dei Cappuccini, 19
20122 Milano
Phone: +39.02.7642001
Fax: +39.02.795381
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Studio Legale BSVA
Viale Borgonuovo, 9
20121 Milano
Phone: +39 02.783811
Fax: +39 02.54107398
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